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As an Executive Coach, I take clients through a self-discovery & autobiography development process so they learn from their past and put it behind them for good. Next, I help clients understand themselves with 1-on-1 Coaching and Assessments like the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), the DISC profile and others as appropriate. And finally, I personally guide clients through a unique proven Coaching Process to design a future they love. The result is a personally authentic and exciting future that feels natural and empowering. 

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“I was at my breaking point! Working with Brian was an amazing experience. He's a great listener, extremely supportive, intuitive, and quickly got to the heart of issues and blocks that were interfering with me realizing my goals. With his help, I moved beyond my issues and became more productive in the growth of my business. I highly recommend Brian as a trusted advisor and coach.”

Shellee Buchanan

“Working with Brian has given me the skills, strategies, knowledge, confidence, and attitude to take my business to the next level. And with greater success and ease. I’m actually enjoying my team and professional life for the first time in years.”

Michelle Wetten

"I worked with Brian to reach some important personal and career goals over the last few months. Brian's calm demeanor and honest feedback, combine with his years of experience created a powerful and insightful coaching experience! His support and direction have greatly assisted me in reaching the goals I set out to achieve. I feel strongly that this couldn't have happened without his help and guidance!"

Erika Davis


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