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What is Performance Coaching

Coaching, Training, Managing, … etc. What is the difference and what exactly is Coaching?

I get that question a lot.

Performance Coaching is a process to help someone achieve new levels of success by discovering hidden issues and blocks that inhibit their performance. Coaching is not “showing you how to do it”, that’s the job of a trainer. Coaching is not (only) setting goals for you and making sure you show up day-to-day or week-to-week to follow-through, that’s managing.

Coaching came about because there is some fantastic training out there but students don’t apply it… for very long, if at all. Most of the time as experienced professionals, we know what to do but don’t follow through because of our own mental baggage or maybe some poor habits.

As a Performance Coach, my job is;

1. To help my clients dream bigger than they’ve ever imagined. 2. Help my clients take tinier steps than they’ve ever taken so they actually get results. 3. And provide purely objective, 100% confidential, and ongoing support so they realize their biggest goals.

Managers can’t do that (stay objective), and trainers aren’t trained to do that.

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