Teamwork at 200+ mph!

October 8, 2019


I had the chance to take my 14-year-old son to a race this weekend for his birthday and it was pretty freakin’ cool! I’m not a motor head or big race fan by any stretch but I was blown away by the risks these drivers take exceeding 200 mph inches away from each other with a total commitment to win. Mistakes by the driver or the team behind the driver could turn deadly.


The day after, I realized what was so impressive about the sport. It’s the teamwork and community of it all. Drivers, Pit Crews, the other 37 drivers and pit crews, and everyone in the background that set up the event to be as safe as possible without draining the excitement. (so much of our civilized world has been “child-proofed” … but that’s a topic for later).


Teamwork is important for all of us, there’s just too much to do in our modern lives to handle independently. So, if you’re stressed a lot, it may be that you need to build a good “team” around you. And to build a good team, you must be a great leader.


You may be thinking, “Me… a great Leader? Are you kidding!”


Yep, You!


So how does someone become a great Leader, build a great team around them, and live their best life? It’s not an easy thing to sum up in one blog post, but it certainly doesn’t take an MBA to get it. I’ll address each of these areas in more detail in later posts but it’s simply deciding upon and managing three things; Your Mindset, Your Techniques, and Your Behaviors.


Your Mindset. So, it’s how you are oriented in terms of your beliefs, your experience and even your biological make-up. We are all different. Ask any Mother or Father of young children, each of us comes into the world with their own biological traits which effects their thinking, focus, and direction. By the way, no one is broken or a “bad-seed”, there is always a flawed programming involved in those who are self-destructive, or outwardly destructive in this world (A lot more on this later).


Your Skills. Are you forcing yourself, or your personal agenda, on others? Are you making things complicated? Are you wishy-washy with people and with your own commitments? These are all in the tactical area of leadership that can be recognized and changed.


Your Behaviors. Are you accountable to someone else? Are you scheduled and planning well? Are you staying focused and energized towards what you want? Or are you constantly shifted by circumstances and other people? Consistency of behavior is critical to being successful as a great Leader, building trust, and building a great team.


More on these areas of Leadership in future posts. These are some of the critical basics behind building a great team in your life and work.


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October 8, 2019

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